The team at NOMAD is excited to be reopening the doors for our guests to dine with us again. NOMAD will be operating in line with the NSW Roadmap. It is incumbent upon us to follow the NSW Government’s health advice to ensure the health & safety of our staff & guests.

Nomad is taking every possible measure to reduce risk of transmission within its venue/s and other workspaces. This plan takes into account guests, staff, contractors and all other site visitors. All NOMAD staff are trained to assume any person within its venues is asymptomatic, thus taking maximum precautions against transmission at all times.

Wellbeing of staff and customers

Excluding guests and staff who are unwell

  • Any staff member that displays any of the symptoms related to COVID19, currently listed on the NSW Health website, will not be permitted to return to work until they have been tested and undergone the appropriate isolation period.
  • Any guest that appears to have any of the symptoms currently listed on the NSW Health website will be politely refused entry and advised to present for testing.

Providing staff with information and training on COVID-19

  • All staff to be trained on our COVID safe plan before starting work. Staff onboarded using the company’s process management software to ensure consistency of training.
  • All procedures related to COVID safe to be implemented in the company’s process management software
  • Staff will be shown how to use “Check in with Service NSW app” and be trained to confirm that a guest has checked in.

Make staff aware of their leave entitlements if they are sick or required to self-isolate.

  • In the event of a COVID incident, affected staff will be contacted and informed of their accrued leave entitlements.
  • Information on claiming the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment will be posted to the company bulletin board.

Display conditions of entry (website, social media, venue entry).

  • The website has conditions of entry and COVID Safe plan on a discreet page. Required signage posted at the entry to the venue.

Physical distancing

Capacity Management

  • Our current capacity based on floor space that is accessible to guests and the 4 square meter rule is 110 guests.
  • Our reservation system has been configured to not take bookings in excess of 110 at any given time.
  • Our venue has only one guest accessible area.


  • Our venue does not have a dancefloor. If an event that requires a separate COVID safe plan is booked, such as a wedding, whatever the current guidelines for dancefloors will be addressed in that plan.

Bookings for weddings, funerals and school events

  • Our venue does not generally host these types of events. If an event that requires a separate COVID safe plan is booked, such as a wedding, a separate COVID safe plan will be developed for that event.

Table and queue distancing

  • The reception area and footpath outside the venue have been marked with physical distancing markers.

Alcohol can only be consumed by seated customers.

  • We generally do not have standing service areas. The COVID Safe marshal will supervise guests to make sure they stay seated.

Breaks for staff

  • The break schedule has been updated to rotate to reduce the amount of staff interaction.

Physical Barriers

  • In high traffic areas such as our kitchen pass or reception, staff members and guests are separated by counters or desks.

Hygiene and cleaning

Adopt good hand hygiene practices.

  • Signage is posted in back of house areas and staff are be required to wash hands after touching guest utensils. Hand sanitisation stations are available at all waiter stations.
  • Maintaining bathrooms will be checked regularly. The procedures for maintenance will be managed through the company’s process management system.
  • Guest will be monitored to make sure they are not touching any staff surfaces, such as stations and the reception desk. These surfaces will be wiped consistently through a shift.
  • There is no self-serve food in our venue. Any condiments placed on tables such as sugar or sauces will be washed between uses or discarded.
  • We have a state-of-the-art commercial grade dishwasher for plates and utensils. All glassware is washed in commercial glasswashers which automatically dose sterilising chemicals.
  • Menus are printed on single-use paper. Cleaned and used wine lists will be kept in separate areas and cleaned before reuse.
  • Heavy traffic areas will be cleaned consistently during service. All tables will be cleaned between each use using the appropriate chemical solutions. The venue will be cleaned by a professional cleaning company daily.

Cleaning equipment

  • Signage for mixing chemicals and dilution instructions is posted in chemical storage areas.
  • Gloves are provided by the company. Hand washing is required after cleaning or interaction with any guest utensils. Hand sanitisation stations are available in all staff areas.

Record Keeping

  • All persons who are not rostered staff, will be required to sign in using the NSW Government QR code system. These records will be retained for the required time, currently 28 days. The desk manager will check that sign-ins have been successful.
  • Information about the COVIDsafe app will be posted to the company bulletin board.
  • Our venue and this COVID safe plan will be registered with NSW Health.
  • All staff will be required to follow any instructions from NSW Health. If there is a confirmed positive case SafeWork will be contacted.