Bryce Alton

 | CEO Nudie Jeans PTY Australasia|

March, 2022

 Founded in Sweden, sustainability has always been a part of the brand’s promise and we couldn’t wait to sit down with Bryce to learn more. We spoke all things Nudie Jeans, the importance of driving transparency and integrity within a company and of course what he’s serving up at his next dinner party!

Diving straight into the hard questions, your go-to coffee order? We think you can tell a lot about person based on this answer…

This made me smile as nothing makes me happier than a crappy-cup of joe! Aka black-filter coffee that is found in a truck-stop on a burner for $1 that you burn your tongue on and can’t taste anything else for the next hour. 

A morning in the Alton house hold, what does this look like?

Well my wife is up before me (I’m up at 6:22am) and the dog is already fed and black-filter coffee brewing…the rest runs at military-precision to get our 3 young kids ready and dog walked before I get to work…I love every minute of it.

Can you describe the ethos of Nudie Jeans Co. ? Not only is sustainability an important pillar within your company, however transparency is another big player. Are you able to touch on this a little more? 

Yes these items are as vital to the company as independence and integrity, ensuring that we are not relying on others to drive the direction of our brand which allows us to stay on (our) course.

Publishing your sustainability report each year is an incredible initiative and something you should be very proud of as a company- I know the team here at NOMAD feel very inspired by your ability to be so open and authentic as a brand. Can you tell us a bit about the response you have received from consumers as a result of the report?

Those whom have taken the time to read it (as it’s quite long/detailed as it should be) have been very inspired and also overwhelmed by the industry itself and how much we do and what goes into making a pair of Nudie Jeans.

Having such a transparent and raw approach to business – are there challenges and concerns that come along with this?

One is open to more criticism the more one shares, but we are proud of our transparency.

What are three tips you could give our readers when they are purchasing clothing to help them make responsible consumption decisions?

1. Do you Love it? Plan on treasuring and repairing for the life-span of the garment. 2. If the garment qualifies as per point a)…look into the production methods…for example where/how was it made, is it organic/sustainably made? 3. Does the price reflect the above attributes? Has the production taken into consideration- quality/environmental/human factors that warrant the price? Or am I simply paying $$ for ‘brand/marketing’?

Greatest advice you have been given in life?

To have kids. My business partner (Palle Stenberg) and one of the 3 private owners of Nudie Jeans in Sweden said this to me and it stuck.

We ask all our NOMAD In Conversation With guests this questions – you’re hosting a dinner party at your house, what are you serving up food and drink wise?

Upon arrival, guests will be offered (haha this sounds so formal as I write this like we are in some sort of formal dining arrangement) organic/natural wine. We would make vegetarian tacos filled with charred cauliflower and homemade salsa and even rinse it down with a swig of tequila (if its Friday)!

What is your favourite NOMAD dish?

Easy! Roasted Eggplant and the zucchini flowers!

What memories do you have around food and cooking as a child?

All food memories are of my late Grandmother (“Baba”= Ukrainian for Grandmother). I grew up to the smell of Baba making home made perogies and cabbage rolls while it’s -40 degrees outside in Edmonton Canada. “Baba” passed away some years ago and she would be heart-broken by what is happening in her home-country right now. Throughout her entire life living in Canada; she donated clothes to both the Russian and Ukraine people in making her own efforts to help. In some ways I’m glad she isn’t here to witness the tragedy unfolding as I know the anxiety itself would have torn her a part. 

What makes a great dining experience to you? Is it food, the people, the environment?

In Sydney ‘great food’ just isn’t enough. The competition is fierce for options, so all 3 of these factors need to be met for me to return to a restaurant… cant wait to get back to NOMAD..anyone want to baby-sit?!?

Well from what we can see you have a beautiful family, a great career but what does success look like for you?

Time…time is everything. Balancing ‘work’ and home is everything as ‘work’ is not work for’s part of my life for the past 20 years working with Nudie Jeans. But; I have learned in the past few years how important it is to be present with my wife and kids when I am at home. This has been the biggest silver-lining in the COVID situation whereas I have been working from home and those few extra hours of commuting  are now spent with the family.

What is exciting you at the moment and into the future?

Circularity… this is a top priority along with making kick-ass jeans sold with a promise of free repairs forever! And drink a shit-load of coffee and wine in the process. Thanks guys!

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