Can you tell us a little about China Heights Gallery? How did it come about? 
In 2002, we set up a studio space to work on our artwork and commissioned design. Before long, we realised we also wanted an exhibition space, to show not only our own work but mainly our friends work. In 2004, we formalised the business, and China Heights, the gallery and studio, was established.
We weren’t inspired by anything specific, but were pretty well aware of what was happening around the world. We looked at other young creative studios in New York, London and other cities – this was pre-social media days, really, so most of the information we were getting came from magazines and books. We wanted to set something up that was quite broad and didn’t fall into any specific category. By association, we knew a bunch of artists, designers and musicians who needed somewhere to either work or show their work. China Heights developed, step-by-step, to do this.
And your connection to Bali?
Two years ago China Heights partnered with The Slow, a multifaceted hotel/restaurant project renowned for its tropical brutalism aesthetic, founded by iconic Australian fashion designer George Gorrow and his wife, international model, Cisco Tschurtschenthaler.
Since then we regularly curate & produce bi-monthly shows, allowing us to export the gallerys Australian talent & create an international platform for our artists to be exposed. The 2020 schedule for The Slow features solo exhibitions from Adam Turnbull, Germes Gang, & Sonny Day 
Favourite city or place to visit?
Marfa, Texas. Moscow, Russia. Cucuron – Provence, France.
We love having you as our Surry Hills neighbour, what made you choose to open a gallery here?
We love the raw warehouse aesthetic of our building, & the central location. As our name suggests, we’re somewhere between Chinatown and Surry Hills.
What qualities do you look for when representing artists? What are you personally drawn to?
We look for individuality, exceptional talent, drive & deeper understanding of the China Heights aesthetic and culture.
Some artists or designers whose work you admire?
We admire all of our artists. For inspiration we look towards the Bauhaus, the Memphis Group, post war Minimalism, and the post-punk aesthetic.
As a devotee of NOMAD, what has been your go to dish or what brings you back?
“Go to” dishes are the cannellini bean hommus, the hand picked mud crab, & the new lamb shoulder!
Some of your go to places in Surry Hills?
Favourite cafés are Four Ate Five on Crown St and PCP on Commonwealth St. Best hole in the wall take-away coffee at Corduroy on Foster St. For yakitori check out Goryon San on Reservoir St, Surry Hills has loads of pubs but my picks are The Dolphin & Harpoon Harrys. For a workout or rooftop hang out Paramount Rec Club, and to stay there are some small hotels like Little Albion & Paramount House. Honourable mentions to Dimitris for pizza on Oxford St & Don Peppinos for pasta.
What’s next for China Heights? 
The next exhibition with China Heights is our bi-annual works on paper show, featuring over 30 Australian & International artists, opening 6 December.
We are so fortunate to have works by Otis Carey and Max Berry at our restaurant Up the Road.